First day!


We were picked up by a shuttle from the place of the conference outside of Johannesburg and arrived in Johannesburg at 10 AM. We tried to rent a car but their IT system wouldn’t accept my credit card. We tried everything and nothing worked so I had to phone my credit card company to solve the problem. However, just when I started telling them my problem, my phone ran out of money (it was a really expensive call). We tried again several times to use my credit card, and still nothing. But suddenly, it was accepted and we got our car! Magic. Then we went to a shopping mall to pick up supplies. When we tried to withdraw some money we were approached by a group of young men who wanted to “help” us operating the ATM. Very unpleasant situation! Somehow I could keep them at distance while Kyriakos was quickly finishing his withdrawal.

Luckily, we got away without being robbed but it was very close. Then the next obstacle: driving on the left side of the street, something which I’ve never done before. It felt so strange and the aggressive riding style of most other drivers in Johannesburg didn’t help either. I was totally relieved when we got onto the highway to leave the city.

The further we came South, the nicer it looked. First some grass hills, later rocky table mountains that reminded me of some of the rock formations in Utah, U.S., which I visited last year. Finally, we arrived at our accommodation very close to the Drakensberg mountains. It was already 1 hour before sunset so we just went for a small hike (me on the muni) to explore the area.

Cheers, BEN

... I really love giraffes.

this is from yesterday where I went on another test ride before going on my trip. I really love giraffes.

... Johannesburg

the nice side of Johannesburg

.today's hike

team look! (from today’s hike)

exploring the hills

exploring the hills in front of the Drakensberg mountains (looks pretty bright, but it’s actually almost dark – see the moon)

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  1. interesting your comments about your first “steps” into the South Africa environment”. Usefull for people who are thinking about a similar experience in this country.

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