Kingdom of the Sky

Our goal today was to experience Lesotho – often referred to as Kingdom of the Sky. After a short drive from Clarens, we arrived at the border post. Luckily, the border officers didn’t cause any trouble, and relieved we entered the kingdom. Lesotho is a very poor country and we saw lots of farmers, shepherds, and beggars. While the older people were always very friendly, some children almost jumped in front of our car and hit it with sticks when we passed.

... I really love giraffes.

….Lesotho is a very poor country and we saw lots of farmers, shepherds, and beggars…

When we found a quiet place, we dared to leave the car to explore the magnificent nature. And there it was, the holy grail: slickrock. Riding down steep passages with perfect grip – it felt like I was back in Moab. We also got to a hillslope with a few boulders that turned out to be a fun freeride muni playground.

Driving further, we eventually reached mountain passes of more than 3000 m altitude. We hiked for a bit and got to a peak of about 3380 m with a scenic 360° view of the surrounding mountains.

... I really love giraffes.

….we reached passes of more than 3000 m altitude…

... I really love giraffes.

….the surroundings… simply amazing…

With all the ups & downs on narrow mountain roads, in total several thousand meters elevation, we let our poor car have a break quite a few times.

... I really love giraffes.

….our car needs a break…

Driving fully concentrated (not to hit any pothole, cattle, inhabitant,…) for more than six hours was pretty challenging, but the great view of the mountains was always motivating. Finally, we arrived at the Sani Top Lodge and had a drink at the Highest Pub in Africa.

... I really love giraffes.

….cheerio !

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  1. Hello Ben!
    we never met, however I am following your trip and your daily feedbacks are really interesting. we are planning to be there in a couple of months with our bikes (2 wheels… not only one :).
    let’s hope everything will go well!!!

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