a day of rest on the beach of Durban ….and Santa Lucia

While the first part of the trip focused on activities in the mountains, in the second we will try to experience the famous wildlife of South Africa, such as the “Big 5”. But first, we wanted to enjoy the sea and went to a nice beach in Durban.

... I really love giraffes. Durban

We were a bit afraid of sharks, but as there were a lot of other people in the water we didn’t hesitate to join them. The waves there were quite big. The excitement of jumping into them, diving through them, or just standing there and feeling their impact kept us in the water for almost 1.5 hours.

Then we drove along the coast to Santa Lucia, located in wetlands and famous for hippos and crocodiles. There we found even better places to swim: larger beaches, bigger waves, almost no other people, and very warm water coming from the Indian Ocean.

... I really love giraffes.
St. Lucia

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon there.

In the evening, we tried to see some of St. Lucia’s wildlife, but only found some monkeys that wanted to steal our food! Maybe tomorrow we will have more luck :)