In the morning, we tried again to see some wildlife in the rivers of Santa Lucia and were finally successful. We found a group of about 8 hippos relaxing in the water. They didn’t show much more than their eyes, ears, and nostrils, but I would say that counts.

... I really love giraffes.

Keeping a safe distance to the most dangerous animal in the world.

... I really love giraffes.

….. they should have been like this ..:).

To reach the next major stop, Krüger National Park, we had to drive North. The shortest way was through Swaziland, like Lesotho a small and independent kingdom. Passing the border worked without problems. The terrain was nice, but not as spectacular as what we previously had seen in South Africa and Lesotho. We mostly drove through, because whenever we wanted to hike a nice looking hill, it was private property and behind guarded fences. Still, I didn’t want to leave the country without riding my muni there:

... I really love giraffes.

How many people can say that they have ridden muni in Swaziland?

But then it happened. It was getting dark and we were driving on a street behind another car. A cow jumped out of the bushes and was suddenly in front of our car. I had only a split second to react and tried to dodge it, but the cow still crashed into the side of our car. At least, I had prevented a frontal crash that could have been lethal. Result of the incident: left mirror gone, big dents, glass of headlight broken, otherwise fully functional car, cow still alive, and two shocked adventurers. It could have been much worse.

... I really love giraffes.

Sorry, Herz ….

At the border post we reported to the police and got a letter for the car rental insurance. Let’s hope it all works out in this respect. With all the time spent at the police office, it was so late that on a normal day we wouldn’t have been able to cross the border to South Africa anymore. Luckily, because of Easter the border was open for two more hours and we finally arrived at our accommodation close to Krüger NP.

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  1. 8 Hippos! are beautiful, however keep attention, they may be estremely nervous and dangerous!! ciao ciao Isa

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