Back in Germany, final thoughts

After spending two days in the Krüger National Park, the last goal of our trip was pretty straightforward: get back home! Still, it was quite a drive from Phalaborwa to Johannesburg, and since it was the last day of Easter holidays we got stuck in a traffic jam. When we finally arrived in Joburg after 8 hours, we really had to hurry to return the car. Because nobody was there to take the keys, we dropped them together with all documents in the designated box and ran to catch the train to the airport. While outside rubbish was piling up on the streets as the garbage collection was on strike, the train facilities were extremely clean and guarded by armed guards. We were not even allowed to chew gum there. It felt like two different worlds. We caught the train 3 minutes before it was supposed to leave and arrived at the airport just in time for boarding. 18 hours later, we were back in Berlin – in perfect health and with all of our belongings.

I am extremely happy that everything worked out so well in spite of my ambitious plans and schedule. In total, I drove 3000 km by car, visited 3 different countries, experienced both the beautiful beaches and the impressive mountains of more than 3400 m altitude – and spent lots of time observing the stunning wildlife.

I’m very thankful to Kyriakos for joining me on this trip and making it even more entertaining.

... I really love giraffes.

The URC 26×4” unicycle I got from my sponsor Mad4One held up very well to all challenges on the way. During the adventure, I didn’t get a single flat tire and it survived all big drops and rugged terrain very well. For a steel frame and huge tire, the weight (under 7 kg) is very impressive – no problem to finish rides of 50 km or to carry it up a mountain on your back. I can highly recommend it as a great all-around unicycle.

... I really love giraffes.

South Africa turned out to be a fascinating and diverse country. Still, the security issues and tensions between ethnicities make it not as comfortable as other places in the world. Also, in no other country I have seen so many fences, which often really hinder exploring the nature. Let’s hope that the situation there will improve in the future. In the end, however, the gorgeous landscapes, friendly people and unique locations make up for all of the negative aspects. If you somehow get the chance to go there, definitely do so!

... I really love giraffes.

Thanks for reading and see you on the trail :)


2 thoughts on “Back in Germany, final thoughts”

  1. WELLCOME Back home!! thanks for our comments of the trip and the usefull info. we will keep them in mind during our trip in South Africa (however …. by car :). ciao Mark

  2. Ciao, letto il tuo ultimo post, bello.
    mi sà che c’é già un po’ di …… nostalgia, vero?
    grazie e alla prossima. ciao Sandra

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